Author of Voices of the Earth - Florida's Environmental Storybook. New Edition coming in 2022. Environmental Education, Art, Coloring Page Packages (CPP) & Music available now! 

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Author-Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Designer, & Somatic Sound Healing Practitioner


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Kristen Farquhar's Latest Releases

Voices of the Earth's Coloring Page Packages (CPP) designed for home classrooms, children, teachers, groups and families. CPPs include a Coloring Page, Story-time,

Science-Awareness, History, Updates, Action Letter, Color Wheel and links * Music sold separately

Music Video

Choral Sheet Music Available for Purchase
To sing for the love of nature is good 
for our hearts and for the earth.

"We were most impressed with the environmental education, as well as the detailed, accurate line drawings of Florida wildlife."

Florida Audubon Society


"Voices  is a wonderfully unique concept filled with information about our natural world (with) beautiful line and tone drawings that can be colored.   FAMILY FUN!" 

Florida Wildlife Federation

"Kristen's information is accurate and appealing to the sensitivities of young children. They feel a connection with animals that speak to THEM!"  

Young Friends of the Everglades