Sometines we just have to believe in ourselves and the vision we are given. 

Kristen is a published Author, Artist, Singer-Songwriter and Health Practitioner in Oregon. Her background is in the arts and music industry, but her writing and book illustrations began in in Naples, Florida, 1991.

She claims to have fallen in love with the land when, on one very special day, after emerging from the Everglades onto a dazzling white beach, she asked out loud to herself, “Why do I feel so much?” 

A voice inside her answered even before she finished her question, “So that some may feel a little.”


That was her cue. Kristen went on to write the book, Voices of the Earth (VOTE) dedicated to the threatened and endangered ones of the Florida Everglades. She knew intuitively that it was much more than a coloring book.

The combination of education with art, story-telling with activism, a glossary and even music was unheard of at that time. Even today, it is unique. Farquhar self-published soon after and the rest is history. Now, the time is ripe for such voices to be heard.