Children's Education Takes A Leap Forward - Hello 2021!

Updated: Jan 28

Hello 2021! and good-bye 2020. Happy New Year to you! The past year brought on such momentous changes and challenges, but I believe 2021 will be unprecedented in its clarity, truth and growth opportunities. Education for children is beginning with a giant leap forward with the new Executive Order (EO) written on December 28, 2020.

Through the constitutional laws of the United States of America, we are newly dedicated to our children’s education, health, safety and wellbeing. The children of our nation have suffered enough.

The pandemic alone brought severe challenges (some deadly) to most every home and family in the country. Untold psychological damages have been experienced by many, but especially by our youth. More than likely, it will take years — and perhaps generations — to heal. Our schools, intended to be places of safety for young ones to learn, socialize and study, have unfortunately failed to meet the extraordinary challenge called, COVID19.

Honored are countless teachers, administrators and support groups across the nation in the educational system who have rallied together to try to make it all work, but the odds have been insurmountable. Perhaps we need this time to ask the questions:

  • What are we teaching our children?

  • How are we teaching the children?

  • Are we using the best tools and modalities to teach and engage young minds?

The Executive Order #13969 offers funding for THE CHILDREN no matter if they are in private schools, public schools, charter schools or learning pods, special needs, or not — virtual or non-virtual — low income or high income — to receive the instruction they need for their highest good, and that includes therapeutics. We enter into a new age with these educational opportunities for our children before us.

We know more than ever that in order for our children to be healthy and happy, kids need to interact with each other, their teachers and their natural environment, and it is my opinion that they also need to be told the truth about American History and the World’s History.

The history books used today to teach our children do not tell the complete truth. There are many mis-leading concepts that need to change, and I believe the children can handle it. May it be done in right ways in beauty and with the concern for the next seven generations. By adding the Arts and Music to the Sciences and History, the learning-experience become whole, healthy and fun!

VISION: In this new year and on into the future, it is my hope to be of service to the earth, the people and especially the children by further developing my environmental-educational book series and program called, Voices of the Earth in which every voice is honored, human and nature. Coloring Page Packages support the books and learning online. I hope to be joined by others of like-mind and heart along with America’s Native American Nations in order to teach the children well the wisdom needed for a bright and balanced future. Join me.

In Service,


Author/Artist, Singer/Songwriter

Kristen Farquhar

Photo: woodleywonderworks

Executive Order 13969 of December 28, 2020

Be sure and check our video with lyrics to sing along! "Save Everglades - River of Grass" has choral arrangements for children and adults. They are available on the website. Pick a Coloring Page Package (CPP) and you have a full and fun learning experiece.

Added to the song is a CPP, an informal report on the pronunciation of Florida Native American names found in the song, Save Everglades - River of Grass with some light history. The ancient sounds tell a hidden story of the land and the people. Knowledge always expands an experience. There are 6 pages in the CPP which includes a coloring page of a Florida Miccosukee Native American woman.

Lastly, I wish to share the song SING FOR LIFE! on our new Youtube Channel for kids, and don't forget to subscribe! The song has been newly added to our repertoire for your enjoyment. I believe children and adults can have fun learning together whether it be in classrooms, families or learning-pods. Together we are stronger.

Stay tuned for our Coloring Page Packages (CPP) on how to sing to help heal the world (sing for life!) as well as our new History CPPs starting with the Lady of Freedom atop the Capitol Dome in Washington.

SING FOR LIFE! with lyrics

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